Confession #707

#707 68

I was in love with this girl since April 2017 and we were enjoying our relationship to the top. But issue iko na kwa mamake.. Her dad ako tu mpoa na I sometimes spending time with him to have a talk about life.

Her mother is the headacche; she usually acts pretty good when am not around her compound and when am present its all breakthrough..

Anakaa nkama amenichoka bt kuniambia ndo anaogopanga coz inafkia time even she dare taking my greetings.. Anapuuza mpaka salam zangu.

I know she 100% sure that am in love with her daughter but I still dont understand the meaning of her rections to me.

There was a day when she came to visit me @night and her mother followed at her back without notice.. Later after on realizing that she was followed she decided to hide somewhere and when her mother passed she called me..

We met and her mother then called through fon and said “”you will get what you want.. “” and she ended the call.

I didnt understand her words and so I decided to quit the love na mtoi wake and that was this year on April..
But now still the girl ananitafuta kwa call tuongee ili turudiane..
Na nikimtajia kudate nayeye hta anadai ataniachia p**sy nikitaka..

May 31, 2020 |
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